Friday Favs – Happy April

Friday Favs – Happy April

A super late in the day Friday post, but better late than never, right??


1) I use Padmapper and Hotpads to browse Orlando houses for rent, but this week I randomly decided to see what the most expensive rentals in Savannah, GA looked like, and I was not disappointed. (Looking at the most expensive Orlando rentals isn’t fun because they’re all boring McMansions.)

First, this feels like the most Savannah-y house to ever exist, and b) I need to live in it. (A mere $3,200 per month!)

Looooooook at those floors and that light and the fireplace! I need dis.



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Last week I had to cancel riding due to non-stop rain, but yesterday’s riding lesson was perfect. I wanted to work on really strengthening my position so we did a lunge line lesson where I did things like go over trot poles in jumping position with one hand behind my back to help my posture.


There’s nothing better than this.

After the lesson, I took Folklore out for a walk along the driveway to cool down and then let him graze for almost an hour. He was a happy horse!



3. I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter yet again, and it’s a struggle to not just do that all day every day.


4. Ruby summarizes my entire life.

5. I’ve mentioned that I’ve started working at a thrift shop on the weekends as a break from writing. I keep meaning to share photos of amusing items I come across, but today I found one so great that it MUST be shared. I pulled this out of a donation box like “Who would want an old dog trophy?”


…but then I saw the inscription.

Who WOULDN’T want this??


I’ve been considering sharing links to cool giveaways I’ve found around the ol’ internets lately. Is that a thing you guys would be into? One I came across this week: Win a trip to Santorini (ends 5/1)

The forecast is calling for an inch of SNOW tonight. Go home April, you are drunk. May you guys have an awesome (and frost-free) weekend!



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