Friday Favs – The End of 2017!

Friday Favs – The End of 2017!


Happy Friday, friends!

2017 has been a Tr.. err, Dumpster Fire, but barring anything crazy happening in the next three days (knock on wood!) WE HAVE SURVIVED.

(The low on NYE is 5 degrees and I only have a little space heater, so I MAY be speaking too soon? If so, RIP me, please feed my cats.)


1. I’m horse-sitting the entire barn this week, and my entire goal is basically just to keep them all in one piece. I love taking care of horses, so under normal circumstances I’d be having the time of my life, but it was 24 degrees when I went out yesterday afternoon and it will be in single digits this weekend, so it’s slightly less awesome than usual. Still, it means I get to love on Folklore every day and it’s great experience if I decide to move to Ocala to work in a show barn. (It’s in the 60s-80s in FL this week. If I didn’t have cats to worry about, I’d be moving immediately.)

Who wore multiple layers better?

(And LOL, y’all… this post is late going up because one of the ponies pulled up a fence post and let herself and the horse I ride out and the whole evening turned into a comedy of errors.)


2. I did some truly great writing this year that I feel should be celebrated:

(That was supposed to be “suite”)


3. I posted my red and green nail polish that were sent for review by Surya Brasil last week, so this week I decided to try out the blue since that feels wintery. (Is that just me?) Like the other colors, I love how much color I got with just one coat, and again, I love that they’re cruelty-free and free from scary chemicals. Also like the others, I found that the huge brush made it easy to paint most of the nail at once, but as you can see it also made the application pretty sloppy. I need to try this polish with some kind of top coat because they chipped quickly again (one chipped in the shower like 3 hours after I painted it). So basically just like with last week, I love the vibrant color and safer formula, don’t like the messy application and easy chipping.


4. I’ll let the caption of this Instagram post tell the story for me for this one:



5. You know those super soft sugar cookies with frosting that you find at most grocery stores? Scored some 50% off yesterday because they dared to have red and green sprinkles on top, so obviously you will be a social outcast if you eat them after Dec 25. I can never get over how crazy that whole concept is. Valentine’s Day stuff is already showing up in stores, and yesterday I saw the red and green version of a candy on clearance right next to the full price red and pink version. HUMANS ARE SO WEIRD.


Here’s to the end of 2017, and a toast to a (hopefully) better year ahead! Happy weekend!

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