Friday Favs – December Starts Tomorrow??

Friday Favs – December Starts Tomorrow??


Happy last day of November! I can’t believe December starts tomorrow, and even crazier – that we’re only a month away from 2019!

I’m finishing up today’s post in a hurry so I can head out to the ranch and ride Polka Dot one last time before he goes to Texas for the winter. (The trail rides I work for are closing Dec-March 1). I’ve bonded with him so much I’m going to miss him a lot!

(I wound up finishing this after work instead, so here’s a pic of my last day with Polka Dot!)


On to this week’s favorites!



I worked my hotel front desk job on Thanksgiving, but the weather was really nice so I decided to go on a super quick hike before work. Twenty minutes in the woods made all the difference in how my day went. I need to do that more often!

I did the paved part of the trail at Henning Conservation Area since I knew it would work with my time limit, and it was a great choice except that the leaves made the trail super slippery! I haven’t had a free day to go hiking in ages, but maybe I can fit in more of these quick stops?



2. The only Black Friday shopping I did this year was e.l.f. cosmetics. I’d planned to get a new laptop, but I had a vet bill that took up the $ I had set aside for that, so I’m still using my dinosaur of a computer with the faulty space bar for the foreseeable future. Anyway, I like a lot of elf’s makeup (especially their eyeliner pen) so I tend to stock up on favorites and try a few new things every year when the big sale rolls around. Cyber Monday was 60% off with free shipping on orders over $25. I wound up spending $27 including tax and got tons of things that I’m excited about (including six different eyeliners – I guess that might have been overkill.). The biggest downside is that elf has really slow shipping – it’s been a week already and I haven’t gotten a notice that my order is shipping. I’m no good at patience!


3. I feel like I’ve told similar stories multiple times, but here we go again: Remy broke into the Chewy box again.


At first I was like oh, that’s not too bad! But no, he also really worked on eating through the bag to get to the┬áPurina Pro Plan Savor Adult Shredded Blend Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Cat Food that Chewy sent us as part of their Chewy influencer program! (You can find the exact cat food here!)



I transferred it to some big zip-lock bags to keep it fresh, but a 3.2 lb bag doesn’t last long in my multi-cat house anyway. My cats were all fans, although nobody else showed Remy’s original level of “OMG I have to have whatever’s in that box!” enthusiasm. There are two different textures of food, which adds a little variety, and added probiotics and prebiotics for healthy digestion.



4. I got this t-shirt at Walmart for $4.97. Need I say more?


It’s 11 pm now, so I’m cutting this week’s list short at 4 things instead of 5. Today was kinda nuts -in addition to my last day of trail rides,my dryer kinda caught on fire and I had to drive home from my hotel job in crazy storms. Very ready for sleep!

Hope your weekend is awesome!