Twas The Friday Favs Before Christmas

Twas The Friday Favs Before Christmas

Happy Friday, all! Here’s what I’m loving this week!

1. I finally decorated last night!

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Looks about right…

I decorated my tree while watching Maddow (because of course I did), and then thankfully snapped a few pics. Oooh, foreshadowing!)


Bet you’re totally jealous that your house doesn’t have a 60s style faux rock wall!




Nothing says Christmas like Jessica Rabbit!

I left the tree plugged in, and was happily curled up in bed with the new Paul Theroux book when I heard the crash.

That “war on Christmas” you keep hearing about? Turns out it’s my kitten, Rachel. Everything survived except my beloved Disney World ornament. The castle is fine, but the bulb is in a zillion pieces in my trash. RIP, ornament!

2. While poking around for something to watch last night, I discovered that my cable provider has season 2 of Daria available on demand!

Daria gif

It’s crazy how well I remember some of these episodes, given how old they are.

3. My beloved seasonal Sugar Cookie Pop Tarts are back!

4. THESE SOCKS! Just ordered them as my Christmas present to myself. $5 well spent.


5. As soon as I finish this post, I’m running out to mail my gifts from Jordyn’s Blogger Secret Santa exchange. I had so much fun shopping for my person, hope she loves everything! And of course I’m super curious to see what kind of presents I get, too!

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