Friday Favs – It’s August!

Friday Favs – It’s August!

I haven’t had a chance to make a fancy Friday Favs August graphic yet, even though it literally takes like two minutes in Canva, so just imagine something really snazzy at the top of this post, ok? Thanks!

As usual, I’m working on this post while also actually working. I always tell myself I’m going to add to the list throughout the week so that when Friday comes it’s all ready to go, but LOLOL no. It’s always late Friday afternoon when I finally roll it out. I ran out of patience for fellow humans earlier this week (I’m looking at you, teenage boy who brought a freaking LUNCH BOX to the library and kept pulling out loud things to eat.), so I’ve started sequestering myself in a corner next to THIS!

Missouri libraries: Keepin’ it super high tech!


The desk is waaaay too short for my Amazon woman self, but at least it’s quieter over here. And I have my own power outlet, which is pretty baller.

The emergency exit door doesn’t care if I take weird library selfies.

ANYWAY. Friday Favs!


1. I’ve been on the lookout for an alternative to Pepto Bismol for AGES because you’re not supposed to take it if you’re allergic to asprin (which I am.) I finally found these chewable tablets for like $4 at Walmart. Also, you know that you are very old and falling apart when nausea medicine tops your favorite things list.


2. I was looking for cheap but good mattresses on Amazon (the one I found this on is only $159) and found the best review:


3. I also came across these on Amazon, and now I must have them:

4. The weather finally chilled out (literally!) a little bit this week, with highs in the 80s instead of the “Let’s be 96 degrees every day!” thing we had going on throughout July. That means I’ve been able to go back to my evening walks at the lake without passing out! Hooray!


5. I have sucked at blogging lately because I’ve been working almost literally non-stop because even though I’ve said “This is totally the time it’s happening!”about moving back to Florida a million times now, I’m determined that this fall really IS the time. I actually applied for part time merchandise at Universal the other day, so we’ll see if anything comes of it. (I just want to get paid to be a Ravenclaw, let’s be honest.)

ICYMI, I posted earlier this week about Disney Costumes I Have Known and Looked Terrible In! Go forth and be amused by my sartorial misfortune.


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