Friday Favs – Almost Halloween!

Happy Friday, friends!

Since last week was busy to the point that I didn’t have time for a normal work day until Friday, I’ve mostly spent this week trying to make up for it so that I can do fancy things like “afford electricity” and “not starve”. Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be freelance writers.

Next week is already getting filled up with interesting plans, so hopefully I’ll have fun stories to share in next Friday’s post! But that’s a whole week away, so let’s discuss what I’m into this week. No time like the present! (No day but today?)


1. Do you ever find yourself really into a song by an artist you don’t usually enjoy? I generally don’t like Taylor Swift (although her badassness during her recent sexual harassment case deserves applause), but I have been obsessed with this mash-up of Enchanted and Wildest Dreams for over two weeks now. I’m basically questioning my entire identity and going through an existential crisis as a result of somehow now being a person who listens to a TSwift song on repeat. WHO AM I? WHAT HAVE I BECOME?


2. Since we’ve been discussing Target birds ad nauseam lately, I had to share.. I FOUND A FALL BIRD AT WALMART.  He looks… displeased to be there. On the plus side, I think he was like $3.88 vs the $5 Target ones. Still, he looks like he’d cut you if you don’t heed to his wishes.

Why can’t I be at Target with all of the other decorative birds?


3. Best tweet I saw this week:


4. I finished all of the suite descriptions that I needed to hit my goal this week a solid TWO HOURS before the invoice was due. That deserves celebration given my usual last minute nature.


5. In honor of Halloween, here’s a roundup of amusing grave markers. Mine would obviously be #22:


In case you missed it, I posted about the National Crafts & Cowboy Festival at Silver Dollar City earlier this week!

Hope it’s still decently warm where you are! The temperatures had the audacity to get down in the 40s today, but thankfully next week is back to a more acceptable “cool but not miserable” range.


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  • That Walmart bird is really creepy! It’s funny when stores try to knock each other off. He looks like he’s seen things he can never unseen haha

    • I wonder if Walmart got the early Target bird designs that didn’t quite work out. Angry Birds!

  • Orthodox bears made me laugh out loud. And that Walmart bird looks pretty peeved at his current situation/attire!

    • I only saw the one bird in a display at the front of the produce section, so I keep wondering if there’s a whole army if disgruntled birds somewhere else in the store. (I looked, but no success!)