Friday Favs

Friday Favs

Happy Friday, friends!




1. I could rant about the crazy rainy trail ride work day I had last weekend, but this is a favs post, not a rant post, so I’ll tell you about the good parts: I rode a horse named Comanche (above) who I’ve been wanting to ride and totally LOVED him. I was leading and had a young boy behind me who was super nervous but who said that when I talked to him it made him less nervous, so I kept him chatting the whole ride. I promised him that his horse would take good care of him, that by the end he’d love him. As it usually goes, he did. In fact, when the threatening thunder that had echoed through the hills our entire ride finally turned into a downpour as I was getting the guests off their horses, he actually WAITED IN THE POURING RAIN until I was done dismounting the guests so he could have extra time to pet his horse. That’s love, yo.

I also finally got to ride Taffy the mule this week and I love her! Despite riding almost my entire life, I’d never ridden a mule so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she’s one of my favorites now!




2. I went to a fair in Springfield last Friday that had all kinds of cool vendors and booths. I wasn’t planning to spend any money there, but I passed by a tarot card reader and was drawn like a magnet to a cool-looking deck on her table. I paused and mentioned it and she invited me to check out the artwork on the cards. She was so nice and welcoming that I decided to go ahead and get a card reading – I’ve been in such a weird phase of transition that I was curious to see what would come up! I wound up choosing a different deck than the one that caught my eye, but EVERYTHING wound up being so on point!! Like the top left card was supposed to refer to the recent past, and the part at the bottom says “Clear the past, heal the present.” And when I first sat down I mentioned that I was in a time of major transitions, so which card did I draw for a summary of my current situation? That “Transformation” one in the center.

Wish I’d gotten a better pic of the cards – the artwork was really pretty!


3. From trail rides to dressage – I got to ride a new horse for my lesson on Monday! This is Louie – he’s an Arabian and definitely an “advanced” horse. He made me work, but that’s what I need to improve! I was going to take pics at the barn to show you guys how nice and organized it is, but it started pouring rain after my lesson so that will have to wait until next time!


4. My neighbor got me hooked on playing Homescapes. Well, technically when I asked him about the game he was playing, he said it was Gardenscapes, so I downloaded that and got addicted to it before realizing it was slightly different from the one he was playing. So now I’m addicted to both.


Calling it at 4 items this week because I have an event to get to! Tomorrow is trail rides in 90 degree heat, but then I have a chill but hopefully productive week ahead! Have a great weekend!


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