Friday Favs –

Friday Favs –

Happy Friday, friends! Today is misty and foggy and generally dreary, but at least it isn’t ice and snow! I’m about to go curl up on my neighbor’s couch and watch The Two Towers because that’s how I roll.



1. First things first, I NEED THESE.

Yes, $20 is kind of a lot for four glasses, but I love them so much!


2. I’m working my thrift store job tomorrow! I’ve been laid off since mid-December, so I’m excited to go back. I know it will be like when I went back to writing full time where it’s great for a few weeks and then I’m over it, but for now I’m excited to be doing something other than writing!


3. This month Chewy sent us one of the most fun products we’ve ever gotten to review for their Chewy Influencer Program!

We’ve tried some Muse cat food before and I remember my cats loving it, so I was really curious to check this kit out!



I love the idea of it. You get packages of crunchy bits, containers of meat chunks, and packets of creamy sauce. You can add any of them to your cats usual food to spice up their regular routine, or serve all three together to make a meal.


A bit of each item – I stirred this all together before serving and my cats devoured it! I also tried serving the crunchy bits and the meat as snacks, and using the sauce to top their usual dry food. The crunchy pieces got eaten but not with as much enthusiasm as the other two parts. I did need a fork to get the meat out of its little cup because it’s just meat packed in there – very little moisture.

Those notes aside, I had fun being able to mix and match the elements. There are three flavors included (Salmon, ,  and ) and you get two packages of each form in each flavor, so 16 items all together.  The variety pack I got is available from Chewy here for just over $22. You can also check out Chewy’s full inventory of Muse cat food which includes multi-packs of each of the variety pack components, so if your cat just loves one of the three things you can just stock up on that. The variety pack is not just a lot of fun to experiment with, but also a great way to let your cats try out the different flavors and forms of treats to see what their favorites are.


4. I took this through a window last night while I was getting some writing work done at the library. The photo itself is terrible, but sunset at 6:10 pm is SUCH a nice change from 5 pm! I obviously prefer summer when the sun is still hanging around well after 8 p.m., but the later sunset is such a nice reminder that spring is coming! (The less nice reminder was the first tornado warning of the year last week. Why are they always in the middle of the night?)


5.  Meme of the week:


Kind of a short post this week, but I really need movie night. (Even though we just watched 2 movies last night.) I just need to post this, feed the cats, throw on some comfy yoga pants and walk over. YAY, movie night!


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