Friday Favs – High Five!

Friday Favs – High Five!

Happy Friday, everyone!

1. I’ve survived the first week of my January Yoga Challenge! Barely survived, since I was sick most of the week, but still… go team me!



Speaking of high fives… I’m the featured blogger over at the High Five for Friday linkup! Whaaaat?


Bright on a Budget


2. I know that I posted about my Yeti Socks when I ordered them, but they finally arrived and they’re even more amazing in person.




I may have also bought these yesterday:




3. My sweet little Cloudy Cat is rocking a new hairdo:


A weird bump popped up on his side this week, so we had to make a field trip to the vet yesterday. The vet couldn’t get a very clear image of the borders from the x-ray and was kind of worried it was going to require semi-serious surgery, but OMG THANKFULLY it ended up being simple to deal with. (I’ll spare you the details, but I’ll share that the vet’s assistant asked if she could post photos to her vet class message boards.)

I can’t even tell you guys how relieved I was to hear that the procedure was quick and easy and my little boy could come home!


4. Current favorite gif:

Horse Show Jumping Fall Gif

I think I love it so much because I’ve totally had a fall from a horse refusing a jump – wish I’d been as smart as this rider and done the neck grab thing!


5. What makes #4 above even better? I found a stable to take riding lessons at! You might not know, but I started riding horses when I was 3, and even owned my own horse for several years in my late teens/early 20s. It’s been close to 10 years since I’ve ridden, though, so I’m SO excited to (literally) get back on the horse!!

I’d like to believe that my first lesson back will look something like this:

But let’s be honest, I’ll probably look more like this:


I have to run up to Springfield today for a doctor appointment and some serious library time, then come back and catch up on work from being sick all week. Whee?

Any awesome weekend plans?


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