Friday Favorites – Wake up! September is ending!

Friday Favorites – Wake up! September is ending!

Last day of September! Someone wake the guy from Green Day up?

Before I get into this week’s Friday Favs, I have sad news. My kitty Butt Butt (started as a kitten nickname and it stuck) got sick last week, and since 4 of my cats have been to the vet with a virus in the past year, I figured it was the same thing again. I made sure he was drinking, picked up some extra yummy kitty food that I could also syringe feed him when he didn’t want to eat, turned the bathroom into a steamroom to help clear congestion, and generally snuggled him 24/7. Over the weekend, however, things got worse so we were at the vet right after they opened Monday morning. They hospitalized him and did their best, but he didn’t make it. The vet found evidence of Bobcat Fever in his bloodwork (basically the most evil parasite ever), so while we can’t be 100% sure that’s what caused it (there’s a small chance he was carrying it without getting sick), tit has a 70% fatality rate, so there’s a pretty solid chance. I’ll still always wonder if going to the vet last week when he first started feeling icky would have made a difference (if it was the Bobcat Fever, probably not. Even with extensive stuff like blood transfusions, home is dim), and I’ve just basically been trying to get through the rest of this week. He was only 1 and a half, so I’m trying to remind myself that the life he DID have was very full of love and playtime and a big family of kitties to play with.

And now a weird request after all of that – As much as I appreciated all of the love and condolences I got from friends about it, every time I got a new Facebook notification that someone else had commented on it, I knew I was about to cry again. So while I wanted to share what happened, I’d rather avoid comments about it if possible, since I know they’ll just bring the pain back up to the surface again.

So, with that terrible life news out of the way, here are the things that have made this week suck less:

1. I really need to do a whole post about the podcasts I love, but there’s a new one I had to share called Buffering the Vampire Slayer. It’s about Buffy (obviously) and they’re only 3 episodes in so far, but I’m loving it.

2. OMG you guys, Graze Box.


I’m working on a review of my first one, but in the meantime I have this link that you can use to get your first box of snacks for free. I’m super cheap when it comes to spending $ on subscription boxes (or anything, basically), but I’m totally ordering another one of these! (Request that Peach Cobbler thing I got. It’s awesome.)

3. One of the eight billion e-mail newsletters I receive (thanks to entering giveaways and being too lazy to unsubscribe to most) alerted me to this $9 nude eyeshadow palette that has almost 2400 positive reviews on Amazon.

I’ve been trying to save my Amazon GCs for new house stuff when I move, but I think I’m gonna have to give in and order this one! (And yep, it’s eligible for free Prime shipping!)

4. odwalla

I guess Odwalla changed up their protein shakes (I haven’t seen them in the store for ages, and now they look and taste totally different.) I grabbed one on a whim and I’m hooked. They taste kind of melted vanilla milkshake-y, and contain all kinds of vitamins and stuff that my poor vegetable adverse self needs.

5. My riding instructor from when I was like 18-20 sent me a whole envelope of photos she came across. They’re so cringe-worthy it’s awesome.


I have so many questions about this. Why am I wearing mom jeans? I know it was like 2000, but…

And why am I riding English? And that’s not even my horse. (I totally remember this guy – he was a 2 year old Fox Trotter and totally adorable.) I’m also annoyed that I was a better rider at like 19 than I am now.


It’s supposed to be super fall-ish weather here this weekend (like 73 for a high), so I’m hoping to get some fun outdoorsy time. Anyone have awesome plans for the weekend?
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