Friday Favorites – Voting Is My Favorite!

Friday Favorites – Voting Is My Favorite!

Happy November! YOU GUYS. In 100 hours from the time I’m writing this on Friday afternoon, election results are going to be starting to roll in!! CAN NOT WAIT!!

Here are this week’s favs:

1. Look, I hate when stores roll out Christmas stuff before Halloween is even over as much as everyone else, BUT I got these guys at Target for $3 each this week, so…


They have SO MANY cute ornaments this year! Could have easily spent a billion dollars.

2. I’ve started a new thing where I scroll through all of the photos I took that day when I’m in bed at night (before reading) and deleting the unnecessary one. It takes like two minutes but it’s made SUCH a big difference in the crazy hoarder-like number of photos that usually amass over the course of a few weeks! Highly suggested.


3. My favorite seasonal pop tarts are back! I don’t want to know what it says about me that I have a favorite seasonal pop tart.

4. I moved my blog to a new host this week (After Blue Host tried to auto-charge me like $170 for the next year when I was on a $5/mo plan. LOLNOPE) and it went so smoothly! I’ve used Total Choice Hosting for my old blog since like 2004, so I switched this site to them and THEY MOVED EVERYTHING FOR ME. Freaking heroes. I love stuff that is $4/month and involves zero work on my part!!


5. OMG. Got my 2nd Graze box (I’ll review soon!) and these pumpkin spice bars are MAGICAL. Feel free to use my link to get a free Graze box of healthy snacks – you can go into the “our food” section of the site and bump up your rating of the pumpkin spice flapjacks to increase your chances of getting them!


I don’t know about you guys, but I SERIOUSLY need some outdoorsy time this weekend! (I think I’ve said that every Friday for the past month. Oops. Y’all have my permission to call me out if I don’t go do something fun to take advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend.)

GO VOTE this Tuesday if you haven’t already! Preferably for the awesome candidate, but whatevs, just make sure your voice is heard!

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