Friday Favorites – Sweet Fancy Internet!

Friday Favorites – Sweet Fancy Internet!

Happy Friday, everyone! We have a 70 degree weekend ahead here, so I’m pretty excited! I’m definitely a solar powered human.

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

1. I GOT MY INTERNET BACK THIS MORNING. I’ve been internetless at home for like 6 weeks, so I’ve been spending like 6 hours at the library EVERY DAY to get work done. I’m used to working a billion hours a day, but oh man, sitting still in the (admittedly comfy) library chair with no snacks or coffee felt like a thousand hours. But I FINALLY switched to a new internet provider this week, spent several days frustrated that my new service wouldn’t work, and then this morning got the outside electric box thingy (technical term) replaced by the tech guy, so I HAVE INTERNETS. It’s so pretty. And I can finally work bra-less again. I’m so happy.

2. I finally updated iOS and while I feel personally victimized by the new clown emoji, there are a lot of other new and updated ones that make me really happy:


3. I have a new writing gig that I’m really enjoying! I get to write about hotels, which is totally my jam since a) I’m a travel nerd and b) I worked front desk and concierge for so many years. I’ve already added at least half a dozen to my “Ooh, I need to stay here” list.


4. I found this list of 201 Questions to Ask Siri that’s a lot of fun. Asking her to beatbox has always been my favorite.



5. Afternoon walks at the lake are back, thanks to temp finally being warm enough to do so without wanting to die. I’ve been wanting to hit up some local hiking trails – maybe this weekend since it’s supposed to be nice! But the lake is like 5 minutes from my house and thus super convenient to stop by for a quick afternoon break when I need to get out from behind the laptop screen.

Probably not the most riveting list of favs to read about since it’s mostly life stuff instead of the usual “Hey look at this thing I found that you are going to love, too!”, but c’est la vie!

Did you catch my Show Us Your Books post of book reviews earlier this week?

Go forth and have an awesome weekend!


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