Friday Favorites – Shortest Day of the Year

Friday Favorites – Shortest Day of the Year


Happy Friday, friends! And happy Winter Solstice! I am SO HAPPY that after today, sunset will start getting a little later each day. Total darkness at 5:30 pm really throws me off!

This has been such a weird week for me. After working 4 jobs from August until the beginning of December, I’m now down to just TWO until March! One of those is freelance writing, and I just found out that the main site I write for is going to close their office until January 4th for the holidays, so after I finish up the 600-ish words I need to do today, I won’t have anything else to do for over a week! Long story short, I’ve had SO MANY DAYS OFF and although it’s going to suck on payday, finally getting to catch up on things around the house has been awesome.

I’m working at the hotel on Christmas Eve and Christmas, but I really don’t mind because it means that my coworkers who have kids don’t have to work.

Here are a few of my favs from this week!


1. I follow this artist on Instagram and always love her work (I think she’s even made a Friday favs post before), but I feel like this piece is SO ME!


2. Spotted at my local Walmart earlier this week:


3. As you probably know, sends my cats awesome food to review every month for their Chewy Influencer Program. My cats usually aren’t that picky, but this month’s selection was even more of a crowd pleaser than usual!



We got the Natural Balance Delectable Delights wet cat food in the Sea Brulee variety, which is a grain-free stew made with tuna, whitefish, chicken, peas, eggs, and carrots. My cats LOVED this – I think it was the perfect blend of broth and chunks of fish.

This stuff is apparently so good that one night I fed it for dinner and then woke up in the middle of the night because Hercules Mullign had dug the little plastic cup it comes in out of the trash, brought it to bed, and was licking the (totally empty) cup right next to my head. For like 5 minutes. Definitely cat-approved!


4. This distractify post of 34 Hilarious Holiday Cards is fun to scroll through, even though most of them come from just a few families. The one above is clearly the one I relate to the most!


5. This is my current jam for dancing around the kitchen while I cook:

Have a fantastic weekend and a Merry Christmas next week!


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