Friday Favorites – March Is Weird So Far

Friday Favorites – March Is Weird So Far

Happy Friday, all! I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged since I returned from my trip. I’ve been working on posts, but they’re still all half finished! Lots of fun stuff coming soon!

Here’s what I’m digging this week:

1. I’m publishing this post late on Thursday night because my actual Friday is going to be super busy! I have a riding lesson at 10 a.m., but given all of the rain we’ve had, I have a feeling I’m going to need to get there early to clean Gambit up! Especially since he looked like this on a non-muddy day last week:


2. Taking along the awesome massagey brush that I got at Equifest to scrub him up and give him some love with! (I found them on Amazon here, if you’re a fellow horse person! They come in three different colors.)


3. After my lesson? Oh, just going up to Springfield to hang out with former President/future First Husband (First Man? First Bro?) Bill Clinton. No big deal.

4. I’m taking a free course on Forensic Science & Criminal Justice through Future Learn (Love them!). I’m way behind, but did some catching up yesterday.


The instructors discussed a case where they were able to take a DNA sample from an autopsy slide made in 1930 to find out if the murder victim was the disappeared relative of a lady researching her family history. Science! It’s nifty!

5. I found a new pet supply store in Springfield that I’m kinda in love with. Not only do they carry horse treats (I got some carrot & spice flavored ones to keep in my car. Way easier than keeping carrots or apples fresh in the fridge!), but they have free sample bags of dry cat food! Free cat food is my love language.

They also have a store cat. Being the cat lady that I am, I went up and scratched his chin and such. He was loving it for about 30 seconds, and then pulled away and sniffed my hand. I guess I smelled like my cats because he hissed and growled! I apologized for smelling like a strange cat and went off to keep shopping, only to notice him lurking at the end of the aisle I was in a minute later.


But then, over the next 15 minutes or so…



I could not stop laughing. He followed me EVERYWHERE. I tried to win him over with a mouse from the toy aisle, but nope, he still hissed. He followed me all the way until I checked out and left, always keeping a “safe” distance between us.

I think I’ve leveled up as a cat lady.


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