Friday Favorites – First Favs of February

Friday Favorites – First Favs of February

Happy First Friday Favorites of February! I started this post LAST Friday (aka the actual first Fri of Feb) but then got sucked into a work project and never finished it. Oops!

1. I’m supposed to FINALLY get internet back at my house on Tuesday (Talk about Valentine’s Day romance!!), so I’ll be back to blogging more frequently. I’m so used to working 24/7 that trying to fit everything I need to do online into the 6 hours the library is open most days has been insane.


Nature Valley Biscuits in Cocoa Almond Butter flavor

2. I was kinda into the almond butter Nature Valley biscuits, but now they have a Cocoa Almond Butter flavor, and I’m 100% addicted. I dip them in my morning coffee (the bottled Starbucks Vanilla Latte) and it’s amazeballs.


3. I was browsing UpWork for writing gigs this week, and spotted this amazing job listing:


I want to be friends with whoever posted this.

4. You would think that the joke of the Trump Draws Twitter account would get old now that they’re on their 27th post, but…. nope. Still hilarious.


Also lovng the ALT POTUS 45 account. Ths is the world want to live in.

5. MyPoints now has nCrave just like Swagbucks! It’s such an easy way to earn points, and the awesome thing is that while Swagbucks takes a few days to send you gift cards when you redeem your points, MyPoints sends them *immediately*. SO HANDY. I needed to get gas lats night, so I redeemed $5 worth of points for a Walmart gift card from my phone, added it to my Walmart app, and then transferred it to a physical gift card so I could get the 2 cents off per gallon at their gas station. (Pretty sure it just took me longer to type out that whole process than to actually DO it.) They have search & earn like Swagbucks does, too.

TLDR: Yay for nCrave on MyPoints! If you don’t have an account with them yet, signing up via my link makes you a super cool person. I highly recommend bookmarking the site on your phone’s browser and doing surveys while you’re stuck in line at TargetStarbucks or something. You get 5 points if you attempt a survey and don’t qualify, so trying a few while you’re waiting to order your latte adds up fast!


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