Friday Favorites – End of June

Friday Favorites – End of June


1. This particular Friday, I’m thankful for a busy work week. Freelancer life is awesome, given that I can work at home with no pants surrounded by cats, but sometimes it is NOT awesome and you have a couple of slow weeks in a row and things get super stressful financially. The past two weeks have been busy, so… yay dollars.


2. The S’mores frappuccino is back and I have zero shame about loving it.

“I’d like one giant cup of caffeinated sugar, please!”


3. I tried on these two dresses at Target earlier this week and fell in love with both.

left * right

The current JULY4 20% off code makes them $24 each! (reg. $29.99) My only hesitation is that I don’t have a bra that would work with either. (The boob struggle is real, y’all.)


4. is like Santa or the Easter Bunny or something but better, because they send me cat food to review every month, and that’s any cat lady’s dream.

Chewy EVO 95 Grain Free Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Gravy Canned Cat Food

The meow faces were treated to this Evo 95 grain-free chicken and turkey cat food this month, and it was a hit. Some of them are picky about pates, but this one was really moist (sorry to those who hate that word) and had a noticeable chicken-y scent (technical term) that seemed to draw them in. the “95” in the name comes from it being composed of 95% animal proteins – chicken and turkey in the case of the variety they tried, but it’s also available in a duck flavor.

Pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve ever written the phrase “duck flavor”, so hey, life throws you fascinating new experiences every day, doesn’t it?


5. I finally ordered another Graze box and have been snacking on its healthy goodness all week while I work.

This is just the top level of an 8 snack box. They always pick the perfect mix of sweet and savory!

These little bars are always my favorite! They come in a bunch of different flavors and I love every one I’ve tried so far. (Although the pumpkin spice ones are admittedly the best.)

Bonus: I finally signed up to give Rocksbox a try so I can have cute jewelry to wear for my Dallas trip next weekend. They gave me this handy link that will let you try it out for a month for free, too! Here’s a peek at my wishlist:

I tried picked earrings that will go with the dresses I’m planning to pack, so I really hope they send some of my wishlist pieces!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! I’ll basically be glued to my laptop to try to get enough writing work done that I’ll actually be able to take a couple of days ¬†OFF next week while I’m in Texas! Wish me luck – it’s a HUGE to-do list!

This post contains affiliate links because delicious coffee and spoiling my cats is expensive, yo. And because getting credit to spend at cool subscription services I share with you guys makes me happy in my heart. (and stomach.)

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