Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


1. I binge watched most of the first two seasons of Road Rules this week. I don’t think I’ve seen them since they originally aired when I was in high school, but I remembered them surprisingly well! (Kat + Mark 4-ever)


2. Target is killin’ me right now, y’all. I need ALL THE THINGS.

This weekender bag was one of the first things I spotted on my most recent trip.

Most of my trips are just a couple of nights, so this would be perfect for when  don’t want to deal with a whole suitcase. (The floral print is way prettier in person, btw!) It’s $35, so I might have to wait for a sale, because the ol’ budget is pretty tight right now. (Had to buy 2 new tires, get my car inspected, and renew my license plates this month. Byeeee, money!)

Also: this dress


Also also, the little birds they put out for holidays and seasons are my favorite things, and the newest one are so cute!


I need them all!

3. While we’re just freefalling down the conscious consumerism rabbit hole, I also bought these amazing cat-themed Halloween magnets for $1 at Dollar Tree. On brand AND on budget! (And yes, it was impossible to get a pic of the package without Tennyson “helping”.


A somewhat better pic of a few of the best ones:

One dollar well spent, if you ask me.


4. Speaking of cats, I have to confess that when picking out kitty food from each month since we’re part of their Influence program, I always lean towards salmon flavors because I will never, ever get tired of making jokes to Bear about how he should be out catching salmon from a stream. He’s 5 now… I should be past finding it so funny, but nope. Any chance for Bear to eat salmon, I’m on it.


This month, Bear got to be my model for the Halo Grain-Free Spot’s Pate cat food in, you guessed it, the salmon recipe. Its main ingredient is sustainably-caught wild salmon, which is probably the closest Bear can come to doing it himself.

It’s also fortified with vitamins and minerals and all sorts of other ingredients to maintain a healthy Bear, and is thankfully made with ingredients that contain no hormones or antibiotics because holy cow, have you seen how big he already is? I do not need him going through some kind of weird hormone-educed growth spurt and becoming indistinguishable from a panther.  It’s already a fine line.

(Sorry about the not great pic of Bear! Another case of “my phone ate the good pics”.


5.  This is another Target item, but it deserves its own number:

I have two black cats, so I’m pretty sure this is how they see me anyway. Possibly even better than my pic is the one on Target’s site…



This is city-wide yard sale weekend in my town, so that my plan for tomorrow. Happy weekend, y’all!



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