Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s what I <3 this week.



I’m working on a post about my return to riding after over a decade off, but I can’t imagine anything else topping my list of favorite things right now. Hanging out with horses again makes me super happy.

2. These socks!


I got these at Target this week – I think I’m developing a sock addiction! They’re designed to match that cute octopus sleep top that was in my Target post from last week! (Nope, haven’t bought the top yet since I’m waiting for a sale, but the socks were only $4. Even I have that to spare!)

3. I’ve been loving the Rude Tudors history podcast. No idea how to link to it, but I trust that you guys are smart enough to use the iTunes search box! It’s hilarious and educational and covers great topics in renaissance history. (There are episodes on cats, coffee, and contraception – all right up my alley!)

4. Yoga – As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been trying to do yoga every day this month. In reality, I’m actually making it onto my mat about half the time. (I do some kind of stretching every day, but I’m not counting it unless I get in at least a good 10-15 minute practice at the very least.) I’ve learned a few new poses that I love, and it’s really helping with the ouchies that come with starting to ride horses again! (Actual conversation with my trainer the other day- Her: “Focus on using your thighs and lower back muscles.” Me: “It’s adorable that you think I have those.)

On the achy muscle topic – my decade old foam roller (with lots of knicks from being scratched on by cats and dents from use) probably needs replaced asap. Any recommendations?

5. I’m not a fan of the original¬†“Out of the Woods”, but I really like this cover:

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