First Friday Favs of September!

First Friday Favs of September!


Happy Friday! I’m finishing this post up at 3:30 a.m. in hopes of escaping for another day trip later this morning! (What’s sleep??)


1. I mentioned in my last Friday Favs post that I ordered some awesome stuff from Etsy. BEHOLD MY TREAURES!

These treasures from #etsy are easily the best $10 I’ve spent in years.

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2. Recently picked up this verde enchilada sauce at Target and have made enchiladas an embarrassing number of times since then because it’s so good. I tried one of the red ones, too, which was good but less remarkable. (Not sponsored, just delicious.)


3. Y’all know I’m still an Orlandoan at heart, so I’m definitely concerned that Hurricane Irma is headed towards The City Beautiful.

As usual, though, Twitter makes everything better:


…and my own addition:



4. I totally missed doing a Friday Favs post last week because I took a semi-spontaneous drive down to Eureka Springs again. I’ve been working SO MUCH lately; I just really needed a day to go walk around a cool town. I ended up doing a short trail that connects the Crescent Hotel (which I wrote about here when I did their ghost tour!) with Harmon Park (The trail getting there was short but nice, but I was an idiot and decided to just walk along the street to get back to the hotel – WORST IDEA. It was basically straight uphill for half a mile and I was pretty sure I was about to become the Crescent’s next ghost by the end.) and part of one of the trails at Lake Leatherwood.


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Plus the amazing butter flavored olive oil I picked up at the Fresh Harvest Tasting Room, which I toured on my last trip but was too poor to buy anything from at the time. Despite being super butter flavored, it’s actually vegan, which is pretty rad. I just got the little bottle that comes with a popcorn gift set, but I really should have bought the full-size bottle because I’ve already used A LOT.


5. Science just keeps getting cooler:


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! If I can manage a quick getaway today, I’ll probably be working all weekend with breaks to finish my Show Us Your Books link-up post for next Tuesday.  Yay, books!


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