Favorites on a Late August Friday

Favorites on a Late August Friday


1. Days Off. Y’all, I never take days off unless I’m having one of those “too sick to lift my head” days. But for whatever reason, these past couple of weeks I just could not with adulting, so I just… didn’t. Instead I caught up on crazy things like laundry and grocery shopping and email and watching too much YouTube. I need to fit in a lot of extra writing over the next week to make up for it, but I think that actually resting for once was a good idea and I’m glad my weird freelance work life gives me the freedom to do that.


2. I bought some awesome things on Etsy this week which I’ll show you when they arrive (excited!), but I seriously need input on which of these two awesome shirts I should order next payday. I want both SO MUCH.

Warren tee * Nevertheless tee


3. News broke yesterday that the Amazon takeover of Whole Foods means prices will be dropping.


4. This tweet killed me. I am dead now.  😂😂😂


But here’s the thing… I added that to this post last week before totally slacking off and not ending up posting anything on Friday, and that majestic tweet has now been outdone by the best tweet in the history of ever:



5. I got this necklace on the Wish app for like $2 and it makes me happy. I never really wear necklaces, so I might make it into a keychain? But I do like the idea of having my city close to my heart. 


A Bonus: I didn’t think I got any eclipse photos, but… LOOK AT MY FOREHEAD!

Go forth and have an awesome weekend! I’m hoping to head down to Eureka Springs again to go wander around Lake Leatherwood and also buy some fancy olive oil.


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