Disney Costumes I Have Known and Looked Awful In

Disney Costumes I Have Known and Looked Awful In

Admit it – those amazing tops pictured above are exactly the style inspiration you’ve been searching Pinterest for all these years.

I was digging through my old Flickr account earlier this week and came across some amazing Disney costume photos, so I thought I’d share with you guys! Even though I was originally hired for front desk, I ended up working at the Tomorrowland Speedway for about two months until a spot opened up in a resort. I only wore the Tomorrowland shirt pictures on the left up there for my first training day when they introduced us to Tomorrowland. After that, it was the Speedway costume, also known as the lightning bolt outfit!


Just in case that isn’t already the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen, try to imagine the beautiful smell that comes with spending 6-16 hours of your day around car exhaust. I was irresistible.  (Fun fact! You can spot Speedway cast members in the wild by their distinctive v-neck tan lines.)

At some point, I started looooving Pirate & Princess Party shifts because a) no car fumes and b) I got to feel girly!


Behold the tan that come with a million hours a day working an outdoor attraction! And yup, I still had to wear the black tennis shoes. Fashion inspiration, y’all.

I finally got my transfer to the All Star Resorts, and man did I luck out. Just before I worked there everyone wore crazy print red-blue-orange-green shirts, but they changed to light and dark blue for front desk and concierge just in time, so I avoided this:

in favor of this:

I couldn’t find a full body pic of my front desk/concierge costume, but you get the idea. The top was actually pretty cute by Disney costume standards, and it was paired with the infamous pleated, high-waisted Disney blue pants.

I did pick up a shift at Typhoon Lagoon once (which I didn’t end up actually working because I got there and discovered it was actually supposed to be the day BEFORE so I’d missed it. They were going to have me stay anyway but I was sick so I just headed home). That costume was surprisingly decent, too!



We can’t possibly end on that fairly cute note, so instead let’s wrap up with the amazing Dr Quinn Medicine Woman outfit I wore the week I was deployed to the Wilderness Lodge. There is NO way to make this flattering:

Pardon the terrible photo quality – these are from 2007-2010 when my 4mp camera was very fancy. I’m pretty sure that last pic was taken in the 3.5 month period between the first and second time that apartment was robbed? I can only imagine that they saw me leaving home in this outfit and assumed I must have many other fine couture pieces inside.

IMO, the best way to approach Disney costuming is to embrace the ridiculousness. “Why yes, I’d LOVE to work at Pizzafari so I can wear this every day!”


Let’s be honest, though – it’s all kind of worth it because Disney does your laundry for you. Clean clothes with no effort on my part? Sold!