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Friday Favs – Marching Along

  I think I need to re-do this month’s Friday Favs image. I took photos in the St Patrick’s Day section of a store to use as backgrounds,but that one looks more Christmas-y now that I look at it again. But it’s Friday and I need to post this, so it will work for this […]

Friday Favs –

Happy Friday, friends! Today is misty and foggy and generally dreary, but at least it isn’t ice and snow! I’m about to go curl up on my neighbor’s couch and watch The Two Towers because that’s how I roll.     1. First things first, I NEED THESE. Yes, $20 is kind of a lot […]

Friday Favs – Post Valentines Edition

Happy Friday, friends! The forecast here is calling for freezing rain all day – brr! This has been such a weird winter! It was 60 degrees yesterday! Which means…     View this post on Instagram   My Valentine is tall and handsome and was very excited about the candy I brought him. 馃挄 A […]

First February Friday Favs

Happy Friday, friends! I couldn’t resist the post title tongue twister. WARMER WEATHER IS COMING AND I AM EXCITED.   It me. It’s supposed to be in the low 60s all weekend and into the early part of next week and I am so here for it! Since I’m only self employed right now (as […]

Shedding Skin

I was at PetCo yesterday to pick up cat food and talk to literally every animal in the place like a complete weirdo (please tell me you do that, too?). Although the adoptable cats are always my first stop (Gold Star Cat Lady for life, yo), my other favorites are the chameleons. Have you ever […]