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Shedding Skin

I was at PetCo yesterday to pick up cat food and talk to literally every animal in the place like a complete weirdo (please tell me you do that, too?). Although the adoptable cats are always my first stop (Gold Star Cat Lady for life, yo), my other favorites are the chameleons. Have you ever […]

Friday Favs – January is Cold

  Happy Friday, friends! I missed posting last Friday because to be perfectly honest, winter weather sends my anxiety and depression into a tailspin. We got our first snow of the season on Saturday, which is nuts because it was like 55 degrees on Friday! I’m so thankful that it waited until Saturday morning, though, […]

Friday Favs – New Year, Who Dis?

Happy first Friday Favs of 2019!     A couple of website update notes! First, I installed a little widget in my sidebar where I can track how many miles I hike this year. (If you missed it, I posted my 2019 goals last week, and hiking 100 miles is one of them.) I’m weirdly […]

2019 Goals

Happy 2019! I can’t believe we’re already three days in, but at the same time it feels like this has been SUCH a long week! I know that a lot of bloggers share goals on a monthly or quarterly basis, but that’s never really been my thing. I did decide to share this year’s goals […]

Friday Favs – Last of 2018!

  Happy Friday, friends! Can you believe 2018 is almost history? 3 more days! I’m posting late in the day this week, which you’ll hear more about in #1…     1. I helped teach a day camp thing at my Hunter/Jumper barn today and despite literally freezing temperatures (I think it was 31), it […]