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Friday Favs for the 13th

  Happy Friday, everyone! Before I get into this week’s favorites, I have a question for you guys – What’s your favorite comment system? I currently use CommentLuv but wow am I tired of sifting through 50+ spam comments per day. What do you guys use and like? What should I avoid?   1. I […]

Friday Favorites – October!

  October is kind of the best, am I right? The crazy summer heat is gone, but it’s not yet chilly. Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere. And there’s Halloween stuff out the wazoo. Best month ever? It’s possible. My plans are packed with all kinds of Autumnal stuff over the next few weeks – going […]

Friday Favorites

  1. I binge watched most of the first two seasons of Road Rules this week. I don’t think I’ve seen them since they originally aired when I was in high school, but I remembered them surprisingly well! (Kat + Mark 4-ever)   2. Target is killin’ me right now, y’all. I need ALL THE THINGS. […]

First Friday Favs of September!

  Happy Friday! I’m finishing this post up at 3:30 a.m. in hopes of escaping for another day trip later this morning! (What’s sleep??)   1. I mentioned in my last Friday Favs post that I ordered some awesome stuff from Etsy. BEHOLD MY TREAURES! These treasures from #etsy are easily the best $10 I’ve […]

Car Shopping with Confidence Using

One fancy car, please!   I need a Mustang, y’all. Back when I was 15 and working in an ice cream shop for minimum wage, I carried a photo of a red Mustang convertible in my wallet to remind me why the long hours of scooping butter pecan were totally going to be worth it. […]