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Friday Favorites – Marching Along

Happy March! Can you believe 2017 is already 1/6th over? I’m thrilled that it has felt way less Wintery lately, but that’s been accompanied by allergies of doom, which I’m NOT so thrilled by! Any suggestions for great allergy medicatons that won’t knock me out and aren’t a billion dollars? 1. I’ve been needing new […]

Friday Favorites – Sweet Fancy Internet!

Happy Friday, everyone! We have a 70 degree weekend ahead here, so I’m pretty excited! I’m definitely a solar powered human. Here’s what I’m loving this week: 1. I GOT MY INTERNET BACK THIS MORNING. I’ve been internetless at home for like 6 weeks, so I’ve been spending like 6 hours at the library EVERY […]

Friday Favorites – First Favs of February

Happy First Friday Favorites of February! I started this post LAST Friday (aka the actual first Fri of Feb) but then got sucked into a work project and never finished it. Oops! 1. I’m supposed to FINALLY get internet back at my house on Tuesday (Talk about Valentine’s Day romance!!), so I’ll be back to […]

Friday Favorites – Hi 2017!

If you are reading this post, you have officially survived 2016. Congrats! I’ve been internet-less at home the past couple of weeks, so this s my first Friday Favs of the new year! So much to catch up on. 1. The Astro Poets Twitter account has only been around for a couple of weeks and […]

Friday Favorites – Merry Almost Christmas!

Happy Friday! I started to type “This week has been nuts!” as the first sentence of this post, but then I realize that I could open almost any Friday post from all of 2016 that way. Just over a week to go until we’ve survived this crazy-go-nuts year! (Knock on wood!) And yes, I am seriously […]