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Friday Favorites – April Showers

  Happy Friday, friends! Has anyone else just been feeling weird this week? Is there some funky planetary alignment thing throwing everyone off balance, or is it me? I had way less work than usual this week (for example, 7 otel descriptions to write instead of the 40-50 I’ve gotten used to) and yet I’ve […]

Friday Favorites – April Showers

  Happy April, everyone!   1. All of my U2 nerd friends have been freaking out over a new graphic tee at Target that says Shine Like Stars, because Bono occasionally adds an extra verse onto the end of With Or Without You that begins with those words and it’s amazing. (The rest of the […]

Friday Favs – End of March

  Happy Friday! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since the beginning of the month! Wait, I take that back. I totally CAN believe it, because the pat few weeks have been nuts! In one week, we had three tornado warnings in one night, a snowstorm, and a 75 degree day. I’ve been crazy busy […]

Friday Favorites – Marching Along

Happy March! Can you believe 2017 is already 1/6th over? I’m thrilled that it has felt way less Wintery lately, but that’s been accompanied by allergies of doom, which I’m NOT so thrilled by! Any suggestions for great allergy medicatons that won’t knock me out and aren’t a billion dollars? 1. I’ve been needing new […]

Friday Favorites – Sweet Fancy Internet!

Happy Friday, everyone! We have a 70 degree weekend ahead here, so I’m pretty excited! I’m definitely a solar powered human. Here’s what I’m loving this week: 1. I GOT MY INTERNET BACK THIS MORNING. I’ve been internetless at home for like 6 weeks, so I’ve been spending like 6 hours at the library EVERY […]