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Friday Favs – July

  1. A recommendation for one of this guy’s Ted Talks came up in my YouTube feed, and after watching that I fell down a huge rabbit hole of watching all of his stuff. Most videos are about his replies to spam emails and the hilarious exchanges that ensue, but this one about his exchange […]

They’re Good Tweets, Brent.

I have never been much of a tweet favoriter. I’ve always been of the opinion that if you really like one, you should give it a RT and spread the love. I don’t do pity favs. None of that clicking the heart as a way to say, “I see this and acknowledge you, but can’t […]

Friday Favs – Officially Summer!

  Sure, it’s been a billion degrees for over a month, but now it is officially summer! It’s a season of big changes for me, which has life feeling pretty chaotic at the moment, but I know it’s for the better in the long run. (Sorry to vague blog, but more on all of that […]

Friday Favorites – Mid-June

  Happy Friday! I haven’t been up to anything interesting this week (work + being sick), so no big intro, just this week’s list of favorites!   1. Rain, Rain, Rain   The AC in my house doesn’t work, so despite fans and white curtains to keep the sun out and basically everything else I […]

Friday Favs- June.

  Happy Friday, and happy June! I started this post last week and it had an intro about how hot it’s been and how much I’ve sucked at blogging and blah blah blah, but then I decided to go run errands and finish it up Friday evening, but then… Sam. (See my last post if […]