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Friday Favorites – The One After Thanksgiving

Happy Friday, everyone! I missed doing a Friday Favs post last week because it was the longest week in the history of the universe. Let me give you the short version: *On Tuesday, my main writing client informs me that they don’t have much for me to do for the next 2-4 weeks. I don’t […]

Friday Favorites – Late Night Posting

Happy Friday, everyone! This is going up so much later in the day than usual! I don’t know about you guys, but the time change has thrown me off all week. It’s been dark for so long; Is it midnight? Nope, just 6 pm! I submitted my invoice to my main writing client a little […]

Friday Favs – Almost Halloween!

Happy Friday, friends! Since last week was busy to the point that I didn’t have time for a normal work day until Friday, I’ve mostly spent this week trying to make up for it so that I can do fancy things like “afford electricity” and “not starve”. Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to […]

Fall Friday Favs

  1. I picked up a new nail polish at Target and it’s pretty great. I’ve had mixed luck with Sinful Colors in the past, but this one made it almost a week with no chipping, so I’m a fan! (And it was $2) The color is called “Hush Money”.   2. I had a […]

Friday Favs for the 13th

  Happy Friday, everyone! Before I get into this week’s favorites, I have a question for you guys – What’s your favorite comment system? I currently use CommentLuv but wow am I tired of sifting through 50+ spam comments per day. What do you guys use and like? What should I avoid?   1. I […]