Friday Favorites – Merry Almost Christmas!

Friday Favorites – Merry Almost Christmas!

Happy Friday!

I started to type “This week has been nuts!” as the first sentence of this post, but then I realize that I could open almost any Friday post from all of 2016 that way. Just over a week to go until we’ve survived this crazy-go-nuts year! (Knock on wood!) And yes, I am seriously considering designing “I Survived 2016!” t-shirts.

This one little Friday Favs post has been half finished for WEEKS. I’ve been so busy working on other projects that blog posts haven’t gotten much of my time. Giving myself a high five for finally actually finishing it!

Here’s what I’m digging this week!

1. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the Gilmore Girls revival in my last Friday favs! I watched all 4 episodes the day they came out, and definitely hope they do another “season”. I don’t want to post spoilers, but I’ll just say that THAT SONG near the end of the last one killed me. The episode it’s originally in from Season 4 is my fav, so for it to return in that way was everything.

Also, shout-out to the return of Robert, aka my dear handsome amazing-haired friend Nick. Check out his Instagram for some fun behind-the-scenes Life & Death Brigade stuff, but you might wanna know in advance that he’s also a photographer, so there are also a lot of semi-naked ladies on there. He’s got a tough life.



He also recently published a book of poetry, since jut being handsome and talented didn’t already do enough for his ego. (Kidding. Mostly. 😉 )

2. I found these leggings on clearance for 40 CENTS this week! Um, yes please!


3. I’ve been craving a nice long soak in a big bathtub, but I only have a shower. The other night I decided to just use the bathroom sink and soak my feet in nice warm water with Epsom salts and it’s my new favorite way to end the day before I head to bed.

4. My cats got a box full of Muse cat food courtesy of, and they’re super into it!  They tried the Natural Salmon Recipe this time, and probably would have happily eaten the whole 24-pk of cans in one night if only they had the thumb to open them. I love that Muse cat foods always look like actual *food*, vs mush.


And, as always, the cats were excited about the box that the food came in!


Captain Kitten commandeered this box immediately.

5. I found my favorite new story of the whole year: Two Sex Shop Employees Fought Off A Robber By Pelting Him With Dildos

I need Amy to be my new BFF because this is totally how I deal with life’s problems, too:


Best. News story.


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