Adventure List

Adventure List


I’ve had an Adventure List since way before bucket lists were a thing! (Around 2000, I think.) In order to keep this page from being epic in length, you’ll notice that many travel destinations appear as links. Those will lead to separate city or area-specific bucket lists.

I’m currently in the process of moving my Adventure List over here from my old site and giving it a good revamping. Check back soon!

Misc World Adventures:

Drive in a country that drives on the “wrong” side of the road
See the Northern Lights
Develop photos in a darkroom
Ride in a hot air balloon- preferably at sunrise or sunset
Try skiing
Visit a cloud forest
Spend a night in a castle
Live in another country for at least two months
Stay in a five star hotel
Visit a rainforest
See gorillas in the wild
Visit the Galapagos to see the tortoises and other amazing wildlife
See the glowworms in Waitomo Caves in NZ
Do a 7 night (or longer) cruise

European Adventures:

See the whirling dervishes in Istanbul
Visit the Vatican and see the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel
Travel to Stratford Upon Avon in honor of Shakespeare
Visit St. Mark’s Square
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Spend an afternoon people watching from a sidewalk café in Paris
Visit Disneyland Paris
Visit Montmartre
Visit Pere Lachaise cemetery
Hear the bells of Notre Dame
Walk down Abbey Rd. in London in homage to the Beatles
Explore the British Museum
Visit Windsor Castle
Visit Stonehenge
Lean on the wall between platforms 9 and 10 in Kings Cross Station in London. Hope I fall through.
See the Stone of Destiny, where Scottish kings are crowned in, em, Scotland
Shop at Harrods in London
Visit the ravens at the Tower of London
Look for Nessie in the Loch Ness for
Visit the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam
Visit Anne Frank’s house
Ride in a gondola in Venice
Eat Swiss chocolate and cheese in Switzerland
Visit the Spanish Riding School in Austria to see the Lipizanner Stallions perform.
See Neuschweinstein in Germany (The castle Walt modeled Cinderella’s castle after)
Visit the Acropolis in Greece
Visit the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa
See Michaelangelo’s David

Asia Adventures:

Visit Elephant Nature Park in Thailand
Visit Tokyo Disneyland
See the terra cotta soldiers in Xian
Walk atop the Great Wall of China
Explore Angkor Wat

United States Adventures:

See a show on Broadway
See Hemmingway’s six-toed cats (I waved to some through a fence at his house, but I’m not counting this one as done yet.)
Go on an Alaskan cruise
Visit the Grand Canyon
See Old Faithful erupt
Visit Disneyland & Disney’s California Adventure
Visit the National Archives to see the actual Declaration of Independence and Constitution
Ride the Staten Island Ferry
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
Hike part of the Apalachain trail.
Take hula lessons in Hawaii
Tour the White House
See Ellis Island
Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty
Visit the Smithsonian museums
Gamble in Vegas

Explore Savannah, GA

Visit both sides of Niagara Falls (I’ve done the Canadian side, so just need US now!)
Visit all 50 states (26/50 complete. Still to go: Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming)

Other Experiences:

See the original Starry Night
Try archery
Take a ballroom dancing class
Earn a belt in a martial art
Fly in a helicopter
Ride in a glass-bottom boat
Ride in a submarine
Swim with dolphins
Experience Zero Gravity
Fly a plane
Fly first class
Try Flamenco dancing
Volunteer at a theraputic riding center
Ice skate
Go Skinny Dipping
Hold a large snake

Equestrian Adventures:

Ride a Clydesdale
See an equestrian event at the Olympics in person, preferably show jumping
Ride one of those cool robotic simulators that responds to your aids and lets you practice things like Cross Country courses.
Ride a 5-gaited Saddlebred in all five gaits
Ride a Tennessee Walking Horse and experience it’s unique gaits
Ride on a cattle drive
Compete in a horse show
Own another horse
Become really comfortable riding bareback
Ride sidesaddle
Ride on the beach
Assist in (or be present for) the birth of a foal


Accomplished Adventures:
Work at Disney World (2006-2010)
Learn to knit (again) (Completed Feb 2005)
Eat vegetables from my own garden (Completed June 2005)
Spend an entire winter somewhere warm (2006-2008)
Have my palm read (completed June 2004)
Go to a Renaissance faire (completed April 12, 2003)
Make my own soap (completed Feb. 01, 2005)
Get a henna tattoo (Completed November 2002)
Visit the Bahamas (completed May 2000)
Ride a Thoroughbred (done Feb. 2001)
Spend a day (or more!) on a beach with a bag full of books and nothing to do but relax (Completed July 2006)
Volunteer at an animal shelter
Feed a stingray
Try acupuncture- Completed! (Many times now!) – March 2007
Own a car that is totally paid off (March 2015)
See the sunset in Key West (December 2016)
Visit a lighthouse (December 2014)
Adopt a pet from a shelter (November 2008)
Pet a giraffe (Read about it and see the video here!)