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Friday Favorites – Mid-June

  Happy Friday! I haven’t been up to anything interesting this week (work + being sick), so no big intro, just this week’s list of favorites!   1. Rain, Rain, Rain   The AC in my house doesn’t work, so despite fans and white curtains to keep the sun out and basically everything else I […]

Friday Favs- June.

  Happy Friday, and happy June! I started this post last week and it had an intro about how hot it’s been and how much I’ve sucked at blogging and blah blah blah, but then I decided to go run errands and finish it up Friday evening, but then… Sam. (See my last post if […]


I’m going to keep this fairly short, but I wanted to share that I lost my Sam cat on Friday. I got home from running errands and found him by the back of the house unable to move his back legs and panting hard. It was already almost 6 pm so no local vets were […]