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Car Shopping with Confidence Using

One fancy car, please!   I need a Mustang, y’all. Back when I was 15 and working in an ice cream shop for minimum wage, I carried a photo of a red Mustang convertible in my wallet to remind me why the long hours of scooping butter pecan were totally going to be worth it. […]

Favorites on a Late August Friday

  1. Days Off. Y’all, I never take days off unless I’m having one of those “too sick to lift my head” days. But for whatever reason, these past couple of weeks I just could not with adulting, so I just… didn’t. Instead I caught up on crazy things like laundry and grocery shopping and […]

Show Us Your Books – August Edition

  Happy “Show Us Your Books” link-up day! Okay, it was actually yesterday but I’ve been running behind on all he things. Better late than never? Here’s what I’ve read lately!   Talking as Fast as I Can  – Lauren Graham Goodreads * Amazon I joined my library’s hold list for both the audiobook and […]

Friday Favs – It’s August!

I haven’t had a chance to make a fancy Friday Favs August graphic yet, even though it literally takes like two minutes in Canva, so just imagine something really snazzy at the top of this post, ok? Thanks! As usual, I’m working on this post while also actually working. I always tell myself I’m going […]

Disney Costumes I Have Known and Looked Awful In

Admit it – those amazing tops pictured above are exactly the style inspiration you’ve been searching Pinterest for all these years. I was digging through my old Flickr account earlier this week and came across some amazing Disney costume photos, so I thought I’d share with you guys! Even though I was originally hired for […]