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Friday Favorites – Happy Almost Halloween!

Happy Friday! We’ve ALMOST survived 2016! Wooohoo! Here are this week’s favorites:   1. The Babysitters Club Club Podcast. Two 30-ish men are discussing the series one book at a time. Need I say more? 2. This picture could be my entire list, really: 3. I usually buy the big bottles of Starbucks vanilla latte, but […]

The Quirky & Cool Hotel Highland in Birmingham, AL

Back in June, I drove from MO to FL in two days. (I was helping teach Horse Camp at my barn in Missouri one day, and had a reservation at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort like 2 days later. Eep!) I decided to look for a fun hotel in Birmingham, Alabama, since it was about halfway […]

Friday Favorites – What A Weird Mix of Favs This Week!

1. Thanks to the suggestion by Alexi Wasser on her podcast Love Alexi, I watched the documentary Miss Representation on Netflix earlier this week. It’s about how women are portrayed in the media, especially about the idea that their entire value is based upon appearance and sex appeal. It leads to things like a huge […]

Graze Box Review & How To Get A Free One!

(Just a note – This is NOT a sponsored post. I found a special where you can get your first Graze box for free and just pay $1 shipping, so I decided to give it a try! They do have a great rewards program where you can earn a free box and credit towards future […]

Friday Favs – October s Cold, But At Least There’s Pumpkin Stuff

Happy Friday, friends! This week’s Friday Favs post is brought to you by the giant Hershey’s Special Dark bar that’s currently giving me life, and the tiny kitten asleep next to me. (She’s like 6 months old now, but still smaller than the aforementioned candy bar. I should probably name her at some point, I […]