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January Yoga Challenge

There are officially TWO days left in this year, you guys!! Well, more like one and a half since its already almost noon. How did that happen? Anyway, in case you’ve missed it on Twitter and Facebook (which if you did… why aren’t you social media stalking me? I’m delightful and fascinating!), I’ve decided to […]

Christmas Favorites

Merry Monday After Christmas, everyone! Um, heck yeah I’m reusing this pic I took for Halloween! Woohoo, we all survived the holiday weekend! I spent Christmas with my mom, two of my sisters, and a whole lot of cats. This weekend involved lots of reading in bed to avoid the crazy pouring rain, and more […]

Twas The Friday Favs Before Christmas

Happy Friday, all! Here’s what I’m loving this week! 1. I finally decorated last night! I decorated my tree while watching Maddow (because of course I did), and then thankfully snapped a few pics. Oooh, foreshadowing!) Bet you’re totally jealous that your house doesn’t have a 60s style faux rock wall! Nothing says Christmas like […]

Friday Favs – Birthday Edition!

Oh, internet. Thank you for glorious art like this. 1. It’s my birthday! WOOHOO! I’ll just copy what I posted to Facebook, because it’s my birthday and I can get away with being lazy. 2. I met this chameleon at PetSmart the other day and fell in love. I seriously stood there watching him do […]

Show Us Your Books – December 2015

Holy cow, it’s the last Show Us Your Books linkup for 2015, and the first one on my new blog! Endings and beginnings. It’s like the circle of life, you guys. Today I’m posting about books that I read in October & November, since I was all busy and important at the beginning of last […]